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The world’s first major regulation on artificial intelligence should almost be done and dusted – but France is causing trouble. FRANCE 24’s Tech Editor Peter O’Brien tells us more.

On February 2, EU member state ambassadors are set to formally adopt the AI Act, a wide-ranging text that aims to rein in misuses of the powerful technology. France has a clutch of promising startups in the field, and some reports say it is trying to delay the vote – potentially even imperilling the text itself – in a bid to protect them from regulatory pressure.

In this edition of Tech 24, we hear from Patrick Pérez, the CEO of Kyutai, a non-profit AI lab founded by tech and telecoms billionaire Xavier Niel, shipping magnate Rodolphe Saadé, and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Computer scientist and Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio also gives us his view on the risks behind France’s approach to AI regulation.

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