Fenris Ventures in Philippines


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Investors with GECC Representatives and Cooperatives deciding the future of Fenris Investment

July 18, 2021 - Manila, Philippines - FENRIS, top Kozárovická granite (granodiorit) producer of Europe is venturing in the Philippines and experts consider this to be a super offshore Investment and expect to dominate a certain market in Europe.

Investment visionaries, according to GECC calculations, make investors think of the uptrend to continue, and FENRIS venturing with Dantru Development Corporation headed by Ren Sibonga and PSA127 Construction Company headed Engr Duane Gentozada means gaining access to the Asian market and could become an entrance to world economics in the area. Both are excellent developers in the Philippines with good track records.

Among the first projects of FENRIS in the Philippines is San Guillermo Complex which has had a veritably showing interest even in their worst campaign during the pandemic is a mind-boggling return from an investment perspective.

Philippines’ rollercoaster of shopping mall market which had been in decline since the start of pandemic and visibly flatline during Covid-19 is reinvented to a new approach in order to bounce back.

Well-known investment companies have described the platform as "the right strategy that could be opening the floodgates for great profits as long as they keep in mind that time is of the essence.

Luxury shops and Shopping malls rentals are the hottest segments in the offer, with investors seeking participation in signature projects like the touted San Guillermo Shopping Complex Project which are in two major locations, one in Laoag City and one in Iloilo City. The project is being offered to include an industrial partnership.

While there is a lot to be said for having efficient portfolio management in place, we believe the combination of positive reviews and the rising signs of potential long-term growth will produce a performance of these projects, GECC claims.

Before you hitch your assets to the wrong financial advisory firm's wagon, make sure you check what Fenris has to offer because a batch of strong economic data forecast shows propelled equities higher by a better-than-expected.